Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Areas for Trips

  • Juan Dolio
  • La Represa
  • Santiago

The Dominican Republic is SCORE’s oldest established location. Our Dominican Republic Headquarters is located in the beach town of Juan Dolio. It is on the southern shore of the island, about 20 minutes east of the airport. However, we have missionaries in several different cities all over the country; your group will have the ability to serve in a variety of ways all over the island.

About Dominican Republic

The D.R. shares the island Hispaniola with the country of Haiti. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Nearly 80% of the country’s 49,000 sq. km. is covered with mountains, but some 20 different topographical areas exist in the country. About 2.5 million of the country’s 10 million residents live in the capital, Santo Domingo. Over 10% of the population is of Haitian descent. Roman Catholicism is the country’s official religion and about 85% of the people profess this. About half of the population is believed to be involved in occult practices. Average annual income is $5,000 per person.

Population: 10.65 million
Weather: The climate of the D.R. is tropical year-round. It has a dry season in the winter and a rainy season during the summer. The temperatures stay more than 70° median year-round. If traveling in the mountains the temperature can sometimes drop below 70°.

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