Mignelis Hodge

Dominican Republic

I did not grow up in a Christian home, but I went to Sunday School and Summer Bible School. I use to think that being a Christian was going to church and singing in a choir, until one Sunday morning my teacher told us that we can participate in church ministry, but if we do not accept the great sacrifice that God made for us on the cross, our sins will not be forgiven and that we will still go to hell. She told us that it was a personal decision, and at that moment I realized that being good and doing good things doesn’t make me a Christian. On August 17th, 1998 I gave my life to Christ, and from that day, I was a different woman. God had transformed me from eternal death to eternal life in Heaven.

I have been working in the mission field since 2009 right after I graduated from college. When God called me to the ministry, I did not realize what it was implying for the future, and since that moment, I have been growing and learning a lot about how to truly love God and others.

As you know, Christian life is not easy. Difficulties, trials, struggles, etc. come along with our journeys and whether we like it or not, those things are necessary in our lives in order to grow closer to God. I knew I was not the exception for that, and after several years of health issues and spending money to figure out what was causing me to be sicker more frequently, I found out that I had carcinoid tumors grade 1 in my stomach (stomach cancer) at the beginning of 2021. A few months later in September, I had a total gastrectomy surgery (total stomach removal) in order to avoid having terminal cancer. After having a life-changing surgery, my body has been learning how to adjust and to live without an essential organ. Due to the surgery, I have had some complications that are causing me to have a couple more surgeries. However, God is by my side and always shows me and teaches me that I am not alone and that everything that happens in my life, whether good or bad, He works for my good.

Maybe you are thinking, “How is ministry looking for you now after all of that?” Ministry is looking totally different that it has been before, but I have not stopped doing it. God has provided other ways to still do ministry and help others. What I am doing now is teaching discipleship classes online, getting involved in my local church through the worship ministry, and helping in the expansion of the Kingdom through the church planting here in the community.

How can you help?
* Firstly, you can help through your prayers – for my upcoming surgeries and for the growth of the ministry I am part of.
* Secondly, you can help through financial donations – it will help with the surgery expenses and the growth of the ministries.
* Thirdly, you can help being part of the ministry – you can reach out to me by email or phone, and I can give you more details.

Email: mignelis_27@hotmail.com
Phone: +1 829 915 9484

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