Serve Long Term

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How to become a SCORE Missionary

  1. Download and read our “How to become a SCORE Missionary booklet.”
  2. Once you have read this booklet, then you may complete our online preliminary form and submit.

Apprenticeship qualification questions for Initial Interview

  • Statement of salvation
  • Able to communicate God’s call and the Giftedness and capacity to fulfill.
  • References for the modeling a godly life
  • Age appropriate for potential service appointment
  • Appropriate relationship status (married or single)
  • Number of dependant children
  • Citizenship or residency
  • History of church membership
  • Evidence of commitment to evangelism and discipleship
  • Education and experience to match potential assignment
  • Physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Demonstration of ability to manage current financial obligations
  • Background check
  • Free of military obligations that would interrupt initial term of service

The preliminary form is not an application, nor does it constitute a commitment by you or SCORE, but it does allow us to become better acquainted with each other. You will be advised with regard to your application status after the review of this information.