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Cultural Education Video

As you prepare to travel overseas, it’s valuable to be aware of common cultural differences. Several basic values cause people to act the way they do. You’ll need to observe and learn how those in your host community live out these values, and in the process you’ll better understand how you live out those values. SCORE International seeks to do missions work with excellence and with long-term results that will bring Glory to God. Please include this video as part of your training in preparing to serve through your short-term missions team. This will require some time for discussion and reflection as a group. This will help you as a team to be effective in meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the people you will serve. This video was prepared in the Dominican Republic but the principles can be applied in any culture. Thank you for your willingness to learn and serve.

Pre-Trip Training Videos

We have a series of training videos that we recommend groups use in their training sessions prior to coming on their SCORE mission trip. Most of these videos are around 5 minutes in length and will give you an overview of important topics that your group should be aware of and prepared for as you get ready for your mission trip. SCORE is also happy to have a missionary, mobilizer, or staff member come alongside your group for any training sessions that you are doing in person or virtually.

More pre-trip planning videos and other SCORE videos can be found here: