The Country of Argentina


“Made of silver, silver coloured”

           The Italian naming “Argentina” for the country implies Argentina Terra “land of silver” or Argentina costa “coast of silver”. The original European settlers believed Argentina was to be full of silver, and a legend even existed that there was a mountain made completely of silver somewhere hidden in the country; hence the name, Argentina.  While Argentina isn’t actually made completely out of silver, it is a beautiful country for its people and landscapes. Argentina is known for its deep European roots which has most definitely influenced its culture today.  Argentina is also known for being one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world; from beaches to the tallest peak in South America, Argentina experiences the most extreme landscapes while also holding a vibrant city life.  SCORE recently added this location in 2014 and currently has one missionaries serving in the city of Cordoba.  Cordoba is located in the geographical center of the country and the second most populous city in the nation.

          Ministry opportunities here are vast.  SCORE’s plan is to always connect teams with current ministries already occurring within country.  In Argentina, we have the ability to partner with local universities in pursuit of teaching ESL or giving lectures about business practices.  Another opportunity might be to serve at a local soup kitchen or assist a local youth group.  While Argentina might not be your first thought when you think of a mission trip, the field is vast.  SCORE is looking for others willing to walk alongside those already carrying the Gospel to the people of Argentina.  If you are interested in learning how our missionary, Kelly Kemp, answered the call to serve in Argentina, you can find her testimony here. She serves regularly with a youth group based out of Cordoba and meets with a group of girls there.  They have made a video to share with you what God has done in their lives.

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