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The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted our international ministries at unprecedented levels. With orders to shelter in place or practice social distancing, our missionaries are having to find new and creative ways to engage in ministry with their communities. But our great God is still at work in these places. 

One particular example comes from one of our committed partners, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Johnson Ferry takes an annual short term trip during spring to the Dominican Republic to assist in our missionaries’ long term ministries. This year, they were planning on building a new house for Maritza, a single mother with three sons. Their current home is made from rusted scrap metal and old pieces of wood, which is now falling apart. They need a new home that is safe to live in and has enough room to house Maritza and her three sons, Leudy, Raldy, and Carlos. 


Because of COVID-19, Johnson Ferry is not able to travel to the DR with us. But that has not stopped them from aiding in our ministry there. They have graciously donated $4,500, the exact amount necessary to build Maritza’s house in their absence. We will hire local Dominicans to build the house once it is safe to do so. This allows us to follow through on constructing their new home and to help contribute to the Dominican Republic’s local economy. 

At SCORE International, we are so thankful for our committed partners like Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and like you. We need YOU, our partners, to help us continue our ministries during this unprecedented time. Please consider committing to pray for our missionaries and make a one-time donation so that we can ‘bridge the gap’ and continue with our calling to glorify God through missions in obedience to the great commission. We sincerely believe that this pandemic will open many doors for ministry, and we need your help in bridging the gap to get there. 

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Are you still praying about going on a mission trip in 2020? We would love to discuss possibilities with you about mission trips for groups or individuals. SCORE still has USA mission trips available for Summer and Fall of this year.You can also go ahead and begin making plans for 2021 mission trips with us.Click here to read more about opportunities and locations for mission trips.








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