New Trip Destinations


New International Destinations for SCORE Mission Trips


SCORE missionaries Aby & Gladys Prado are serving in Fusagasuga, Colombia.  “Fusa” is town of about 135,000 people and is located an hour and a half south of Bogota.  The Prados help run a 178-acre camp ministry there, which is partnered with the Rawlings Foundation.  You can see some photos of the camp here:

Along with the camp ministry, the Prados have also planted two local churches in the Fusa area.  Groups coming to Colombia can help with ministry outreaches from these church plants.  Possible options include food distribution, VBS ministry, and special events like youth rallies.  There are also wide open doors for ministry in local schools in Fusa.  Groups coming can put together presentations including things like dramas, skits, puppets, testimonies, songs, and Bible lessons that can be shared in a school assembly format.  Another great opportunity for ministry is in a local drug rehab program for teenagers.  The rehab center is a home where 12 to 15 teens live for a one year period.  Groups serving there can do Bible studies, crafts, testimonies, and just encourage the teens in their walk with Christ.

Trips to Colombia start at $95 per person per night and groups book their own flights into Bogota (BOG).


SCORE missionaries Steve & Marissol Theis have been serving in Brazil for nearly 30 years.  They are located in Sao Jose dos Campos, which is about an hour away from Sao Paulo, a city of over 20 million people.  The Theis family is heavily involved in camp ministry partnered with the Rawlings Foundation.  Steve and Marissol see nearly 25,000 students come through their camps each year!  This is a huge opportunity to share the Gospel with many local school students who have never before had the opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus.  You can see some photos of their camp ministry here:

Right now, there is an urgent need for groups to come from the USA to help the Theis family put on “English camps” for local Brazilian schools and students.  Groups would stay at the camp facility with the local kids and help teach basic English to them.  There would also be time for games, crafts, and Bible lessons, but the main focus would be to help teach conversational English to the students.

Trips to Brazil start at $110 per person per night and groups book their own flights into Sao Paulo (GRU).


SCORE has been taking groups into Cuba for the past two years and is seeing some great things happen there!  SCORE does not currently have any full-time missionaries living in Cuba, but we have been partnering with local churches and national pastors for ministry and outreach opportunities.  A great platform for trips to Cuba right now is sports evangelism.  Groups that can come and play sports (baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc) have a wide-open door to draw crowds and share the Gospel.  Groups can play competitive games against local Cuban teams and they can also run clinics to teach younger kids.  Aside from sports, there is also great ministry through the local house churches in Cuba.  Teams can participate in door to door evangelism, run a VBS, and do special events like youth rallies.  SCORE groups going to Cuba stay in a small town in East Havana.  Ministry is generally done in the greater Havana area.  Groups will also enjoy sightseeing and souvenir shopping in the historic old city of Havana with its rich history and culture.

Trips to Cuba start at $1195 per person for a 6 night trip and groups book their own flights into Havana (HAV).


For more information on any of these locations, contact the SCORE Home Office.     OR     423-894-7111

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