Missionary Update: Miguel & Manuela Arciniegas

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Twenty years ago, Miguel Arciniegas stepped into the house of missionaries living in his hometown in Colombia. Little did he know that that step would forever change the course of his future. In the house, those missionaries shared how Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins, which separates us from God. They fed him delicious food and showed him the love of Jesus. Their home was a light in the fog of Miguel’s world, and that light beckoned him into a relationship with Jesus. He started that relationship, and his world changed drastically.

Ten years later, Miguel met his wife-to-be, Manuela, who was not a Christ-follower. She had grown up in a Catholic family opposed to Christianity. Miguel shared with Manuela about his relationship with Christ, and she gave her life to Christ as well. They married and now have two children, Sebastian and Anamarie.

When their children were young, Miguel felt God calling him into full-time ministry. He was introduced to SCORE through Aby Prado, a SCORE missionary at the time. Miguel started ministering at youth camps. He was then ordained by SCORE missionaries and went on to plant a local church in Colombia.

Today, Miguel and Manuela serve at a youth camp, Tierra Alta, where they share the gospel with thousands of young people who have never heard about Jesus, sharing the same light that once drew in Miguel. They have an incredible opportunity to speak the truth of Jesus’ saving grace to these kids. They have also continued with their work in planting churches. Miguel teaches Bible classes, along with speaking at churches when invited. God has continued to provide them with many opportunities for leadership. Their future goals are to start more churches, teach more pastors, and then send out missionaries into other countries!

How can you be involved?
Pray – for their strength and endurance as they pour out Jesus’ love to those around them. For God to provide them with a car. For healing for their daughter who has been struggling with health issues.
Give – donate to Miguel and Manuela Arciniegas to help them with their ministry and the needs above.
Go – God wants to use your gifts, talents, and passion for Him to serve. Maybe He wants you to go to Colombia. Plan a trip through SCORE to go visit and serve alongside Miguel and Manuela at their youth camps and through their local church to reach the people of Colombia with the love of Jesus.







Written by Joelle Person

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