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The instant my Facetime clicked on, I could see the joy of Jesus exuding from Mignelis – in her smile, her words, and her enthusiasm. You would never know from seeing her that life has been anything but easy the past several years.

Mignelis has served in the Dominican Republic with SCORE since 2009. Her love and passion for people led her to work with the teams coming down on short-term mission trips. She was always energetic, never got tired, and, when she did, she would berate herself for slowing down.

Then right before the 2020 Covid pandemic, Mignelis was diagnosed with cancer, which not only drastically changed her life, but her ministry as well. Five years of doctors’ appointments, surgeries, and major life changes have turned her formerly active ministry into a slower-paced ministry.

However, the heart of her ministry remains the same – to tell others of the opportunity of salvation through Jesus Christ. Since discipleship comes naturally to her, her ministry now focuses on online discipleship with people in the United States and serving in her local church.

As we spoke, her life experience, packed behind the truths she shared, really struck home. She reminded me that God has different seasons in each of our lives. Sometimes those seasons look active, like boldly proclaiming the gospel on a sports field, and sometimes those seasons look slower, on your knees in your room praying for those God has placed on your heart. Each step of the way, God is training us for something new in the future. He is taking His time to make us become more and more like Him. Our job is to step out and follow Him. We must learn to be flexible and adjust our plan to His plan and the season where He has us.

Mignelis is a prime example of adjusting to God’s plan. Years ago, when she started serving with SCORE, she never would have imagined that her missionary journey would look like it does now. But she has boldly stepped into the new and the different and continued to let God use her and her skills to share His kingdom with those around her.

How can you be involved?
Pray – for strength and endurance for Mignelis and wisdom for her doctors. For the people she disciples and her encouragement as she disciples them.
Give – donate to Mignelis Hodge through the form down below.
Go – sign up with SCORE to serve on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. Encourage your church, Bible study, or school to join!


Written by Joelle Person

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