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Have you been wondering how our missionaries are doing and navigating ministry through this pandemic? Read an update below from the Difren family written by Sarah, so that you can know how to specifically be praying for them during this time. If you have any questions or you’d like to contact them directly, follow the link at the bottom of this post to their page on our website.


Hey everyone!  I’m pretty sure I know how everyone is doing, but thought I might ask anyways!  How are you all??

Wanted to shoot out a quick update to let everyone know how we are doing, as a couple of you have asked. We are doing well!  Maybe getting on each other’s nerves some and stepping on a few toes, but besides that, we are healthy and alive. That is something to be very thankful for!  As you might have seen in the news, Dominican Republic has to this day 900+ cases of coronavirus and it climbs each day. The president has declared a state of emergency and we are to practice social distancing and are asked to stay in our homes as much as possible.  We are on lockdown from 5pm to 6am every day, and if you leave the house during that time, you will be arrested.  Many do not adhere to these rules, so unfortunately the government is looking at in the next few days moving us to complete 24 hour lockdown, with exceptions to be able to go to the grocery store or pharmacy.  We are staying close to home and only leaving when absolutely necessary. The American Embassy has warned American citizens if they do not get out in the next few days, to expect to stay here for an indefinite time. I feel at peace staying here, as this is my home and where God has called me.  He never promised me comfort or pleasurable circumstances, but He did promise to always be there with me, and I am clinging to that promise.  Obviously health care is not nearly as good as in the US, but they are doing a good job of taking care of the sick to the best of their abilities here.


Now, I know a lot of you are feeling uncomfortable as well, with so much uncertainty and being cooped up in a way.  But something that has helped me to continue to be grateful and appreciate what I have, is to look at those around me, and I hope this maybe helps you too.  Imagine being in quarantine with your family in the ONE room that you live in, which includes your bed, kitchen, living room, etc.  You might have a TV, that has bad reception and possibly a phone.  There’s no fridge to stock up food in, so you continue to have to go out to get food at the colmado.  The very little money that you earned before being a motorcycle taxi driver, or selling food on the street, has come to a halt, and there is literally nothing you can do.  This is the reality of many, many people that live in this country and that includes many of our church members or kids that we minister to in the kids church on Saturdays.  We are keeping our ears and eyes open to those around us in need and the church is helping out those in most need among our members. But I would ask you to pray for this country, as many will go to bed hungry and the abuse levels in the country are also going up.  Pray for us to have wisdom and guidance from the Lord in how to continue to protect our family, but also to continue to minister to those that the Lord has called us to. Pray for Sadrac’s parents, who are older and still continue to work at the nursing home every day, that God will protect them from the virus.  Pray we will continue to use our time wisely in this time the Lord has given us to stay at home.

The Difren Family 

Sadrac and Sarah Difren are missionaries with SCORE in Dominican Republic. They have been married for 11 years and have three kids, Jaiden, Aaron, and Keziah. Sadrac goes out with groups and translates for them, as he speaks 4 languages…English, Spanish, Creole, and French. Their main focus on the field is working with medical groups, but when there is none, they also work with church, sports, and school groups. Sadrac is also a pastor at a local church called Juan 3:16 and has been pastoring there for about 9 years now. Sarah is a homemaker, but is very involved in the church with the young teen girls and
women’s ministries and also is involved with La Leche League in Dominican Republic.

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