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Is there anything more evil in this world than the physical and sexual exploitation of young children? The cartels operating in many countries in Latin America have tragically learned that there is a lot of money to be made in selling the bodies of young children. These industries grow off of the sexual abuse of children or, even worse, through the harvesting of organs. God has called us to rescue as many of these precious lives as possible. We have a team of people committed to investigating, rescuing, protecting, and ultimately rehabilitating these innocent victims. We want them to have the opportunity to live and thrive as God intends for them.

Thrive Vision opened a children’s home, a safe refuge to provide physical safety from the cartel. Here, real healing can take place to ensure the children thrive. Our program goes until they finish a college degree and we help them to get their first job.

Who We Are
We are a ministry that works as a non-profit organization focused on rescuing children who have been victims of child trafficking. Our Call Our country is home to a sex tourism industry that targets children who, more times than not, are under the age of twelve. There’s also a presence of a very dark industry in organ trafficking which targets children at even younger ages than sex trafficking does. These realities are mostly found in areas of high tourism or the indigenous villages.

Our Programs
We provide trainings in different communities covering the following themes:
– What is sexual abuse or other abuses of children?
– The cultural normalization of inappropriate relationships
– How to identify possible cases of abuse, and more
We use conferences to train churches, community leaders, police and others, and at the same time we collect the intel about cases of trafficking.

Intervention (The Rescue)
Once we have identified children who are victims of abuse and/or sexual exploitation or we encounter a potential risk for either of those things, we report it to the proper authorities and coordinate a rescue of these children.
The majority of children’s homes do not accept children who have been rescued from child trafficking as it is seen to be potentially dangerous to receive them. Our home, the Little Starfish, is available to receive them, provide them with a safe environment, and to give them the opportunity to have hope once again.

The two primary pillars of our program are emotional rehabilitation and social integration. It’s also important to know that our program does not end once the children have reached 18 years old, it ends whenever our children have finished with their university degree and have a job or way to enter the real world and thus are able to leave as a fully functioning adults.

You can be part of the fight against child trafficking. With your donation, you can help to rescue, shelter and give them the opportunity to have hope in Christ!

For more information, check out Thrive’s website: To donate, please see the form below.

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