Monte Cristi

A Senior Adult Home

Monte Cristi is a senior adult home located in a small town within the country of the Dominican Republic, home to over 50 senior adults. Pastor Geraldo and his wife, Maria, saw the great need of a caretaker for many of the elderly in the area who had no one to care for them. In 1992, God provided a building for the people of Monte Cristi through a generous church from the States.

Donations go toward providing the necessities for the people in the home: food, water, medicine (when available), and diapers.

While the basic needs of the home are being met, many of the residents and home have great additional needs such as wheelchairs, more diapers, medicine and medical equipment, funds for the staff, and gas for their stove to cook.

If you are interested in finding specific ways to give please contact our home office at 423-894-7111 or If you are interested in sponsoring a specific member of the home, a list of names can be provided upon request.

Pastor Geraldo & Maria Difren
Pastors of Monte Christi

Pastor Geraldo and his wife Maria founded Monte Cristi in 1989 with the passion to help the elderly of the local sugar cane villages. Over the years the home has grown and developed into something that they never imagined at the beginning and even when times got hard, Geraldo always said, “I don’t know where the food comes from, but God always sends it. We pray and God listens.”

  • If you wish to make an anonymous donation, please contact us at 423.894.7111.
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