Missionary Kids

Sponsor our missionary kids!

Missionaries are incredible people and families that are called into full-time service of ministering of others. They run to the broken and lost with the hope and good news of Jesus. But missionaries deal with disappointments, struggles, and obstacles, and they too need encouragement and care just as you do in your day-to-day life. Within missionary care, missionary children are often overlooked or grouped in with their parents. But they too need encouragement specifically given to them.

So what does missionary care look like for the children of our missionaries? You will be able to correspond with these sibling groups and give them encouragement as a fellow brother or sister in Christ. Your donations will be used to help specifically with some struggles that our missionary families navigate regarding their kids’ care, such as schooling costs and appropriate medical care. You will also be given the opportunity to give special donations toward care packages, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.

Would you consider encouraging a missionary child with your sponsorship today?

Sponsor a Missionary Kid