Gulf Shores, Alabama

SCORE Mission Locations

Service & Ministry Focus Areas

  • Service projects and outreaches
  • Meet immediate community needs
  • Beach & campground ministry engaging seasonal vacationers
  • with Christ-centered activities and fellowship
  • Thrift store ministry assistance
  • Assisting local ministry coordinator with daily needs for ministry

Description of Ministry

Gulf Shores, AL is a spectacular choice for mission groups. Ministry and service outreaches provide positive interaction around pool areas, in campground settings and along beach shorelines. SCORE International short-term mission groups will engage with vacationers, both young and old, in Christ-centered activities. This location is great for becoming bold leaders for Christ as groups canvas trailer parks and beaches with encouragement for people. You’ll participate in inviting people to church, while engaging in other beach and campground activities and games. Serving at the
thrift store ministry will allow groups to hear, respond and serve those in need recovering from addiction and living with hunger.

Scheduling Trips

Year-Round (Summer trips require 1-year advance scheduling)


Camp-style bunk houses


Camp Cafeteria

Ministry Locations

Rural • Suburbs

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