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Nestled in the mountains of central Dominican Republic, our missionaries lead a ministry for children and families in the La Represa community called Como Árboles (“Like Trees” – based on Jeremiah 17:8). The ministry team works alongside the local church and schools to invest in the community with a family program, Bible program, baseball program, and Sembrando Esperanza (“Sowing Hope”) program for high school and college students. Through consistent, intentional projects, they are able to have gospel conversations and discipleship opportunities with people of all ages.

Donations for this sponsorship ministry fund the weekly programs, administrative supplies, special events, family benevolence, food and school supply distributions, college scholarships, staff, and other general needs. Monthly sponsors have the opportunity to personally invest in a child and their family through cards, gifts, and visits. Our goal is to have one monthly sponsor connected with each elementary school child and two sponsors for each high school and college student.

Follow along with the ministry at If you have questions about the community of La Represa or the Como Árboles ministry, please contact Kristi Reyes at

Kristi Reyes
Children’s Ministry in La Represa

Kristi was raised in a Christian home, accepted Christ at a young age, and was baptized in middle school as she understood more about her decision to follow Christ. She developed a love for ministry through years of serving and working in various ministries at New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. On her first trip to La Represa in 2009, she immediately felt at home in the community and later realized God was calling her to missions. She moved to La Represa with her best friend in 2013 and worked alongside a team of missionaries for three and a half years.

Alejandro was raised in La Represa in a Christian home, grew up going to church often, and decided to follow Christ when he was 11. He grew up helping his dad build homes and his mom cook and clean. While he got close to his dream of pitching in the MLB as a teen, he knows God had greater plans for him in ministry. He has always loved serving others, from making lunch for friends to helping with church events.

Alejandro and Kristi met during a mission trip in 2010, they became close friends when she moved to La Represa, and they continued in a long-distance relationship for a year as Kristi moved back to Tennessee for rest and family time. In April 2018, they were reunited and married, and they began leading the the children and families ministry in La Represa that is now Como Árboles. They also enjoy leading mission teams and serving on the leadership team at the local church. Their greatest joy is raising their two-year-old son Zion and their small “farm” of two dogs, chickens, birds, turtles, and fish in the community they love.

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