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2017 Year-End Giving Opportunities

Why You? Why SCORE? Why Now?

Have you ever had one of “those” days? A day when every phone call, text or email came from someone sharing a need with you? You might be thinking that right now as you read this update.

For me, “one of those days” has lasted all year. At first, as the year began, my heart was overwhelmed with the immensity of needs that I was being presented with from SCORE’s ministries, national workers, and missionaries. But as the year progressed, I became excited with each report of another need.

Why? Because each and every need shared demonstrated the magnitude of the vision that God has given to SCORE as we continue to focus on evangelizing the lost, engaging Christians in the work of missions, equipping disciples, and by expressing Christ’s love by meeting physical and spiritual needs wherever God leads us.

I tried to think of just one story that would express how the power of your partnership with SCORE has changed a life. But immediately, there were literally hundreds coming to my mind that I wanted to share with you. Too many to choose just one. But one story kept drowning out the others…YOUR STORY.

You are the one God is using to impact this generation and the next with the Gospel of Christ. You are the one God is working in to advance His kingdom through the ministry of SCORE. You are the hands, feet, and finances that God is providing to help fulfill the ministry that we have been given. #WhySCORE? Because God is working in YOU, and through YOU to accomplish His work.

Please join me in continuing the growth and impact of your partnership with SCORE by turning the needs listed here into a fulfilled vision. The question is not if, but when. Your year-end financial gift turns burdens into blessings; lost souls into followers of Christ. Your short-term action today has long-term effects for tomorrow!

John Zeller

Year-End Mission Giving Opportunities

  • SCORE Foundation Missionary Placement
  • Child Sponsorship Childcare Centers
  • Lily House Greatest Needs
  • Disaster Relief Honduras / D.R.
  • Ministry Expansion Dominican Republic
  • Missionary Enrichment Conf.
  • Evangelistic Outreach / Eutaw
  • Evangelistic Outreach / Harlan
  • Evangelistic Outreach / Brooklyn
  • Baseball Country Ministry Expansion
  • Missionary Support
  • GAP Ministry Expansion
  • Dominican Republic MTC Project
  • Dominican Republic Transportation
  • Costa Rica Transportation