Women’s Mission Week

The conference begins the evening of October 16th and ends the night of October 19th. If you wish to arrive on the 15th, there is an additional nights charge of $150. Please plan to depart on October 20th.
The total cost for the event will be $750 and that does not include airfare, but SCORE can assist with booking upon request.

 Shannon Cannon

Shannon has been serving in ministry for many years. Through those years, her passion for God, family, church and mentoring women have grown. She has a desire to communicate to women through the Word. Her desire is to help ladies see themselves through the eyes of God, rather than falling for the false expectations of the world. Shannon will encourage women in their journey of life with her very REAL life experiences. Shannon wants to help women reach their full potential for God and not settle for anything less! Shannon is blessed to be a PK (preacher’s kid) and a PW (preacher’s wife). She understands the demands of ministry on a family and loves opportunities to share with others on the same journey.

Shannon and her husband, Scott have four children and one precious grand-daughter. They live in Harrogate, TN where her husband serves as Pastor at Pump Springs Baptist Church.