Upcoming Financial Systems Change

A Message to Current Donors:

Thank you all for your continued support of SCORE International. We truly could not do all of the things we do without your help, support, and prayers. Starting in early January 2017, SCORE will be making a move to a new set of financial systems. This change will make the donation process better for you as the donors, SCORE’s administrative staff, and the missionaries and mobilizers. This page will inform you of some of the things you can expect in the new year.


Who will the change effect?

This change will effect current donors who have an active recurring transaction or any donor who has an account on our donor account website (give.scoreintl.org).

What specific information do I need to know about the change?

Recurring Donors: According to PCI Computing Standards, when a change like this is made, information such as credit/debit card numbers and bank accounts numbers cannot be moved from one system to another. This is a reality that helps protect both the card/account holder and the organization that receives payments. Starting in January, your recurring payment system will need to be re-entered into our new system. This will require a direct phone call to/from you in order to update this information.

Online Donor Accounts: In order to make transactions very seamless, we also are moving our donor giving accounts to a new website that is managed by our new financial system. For each of you that have an account at our current giving site, you will need to create a new account on the new site. More information about creating this account will become available in January. In order for you to create a new donor account on the new site, you will have to process a transaction through the new system first.


Please feel free to contact dwise@scoreintl.org with any additional questions.