Costa Rica


Fast Facts: Total population of the country is about 4.7 million people, with over 330, 000 of those in San Jose and 3/4 of the population living in the San Jose Valley.  There is also a population of around 750,000 refugees from Nicaragua who have settled in Costa Rica.  Rome Catholicism is the official religion, and about 85% of the population profess this.  Average annual income is $6,500.  It is a Spanish speaking country and has a literacy rate of about 96%. Resources for churches and pastors are hard to come by.

Population:  4.7 million  

Weather: Characterized by warm, sunny days free of rain and tempered by cool trade winds, Costa Rica's dry season begins in December and continues through April. Trade winds blow in from the northwest primarily in January leaving March and April as the warmest months coinciding with the end of the dry season.  The coolest temperatures are found from November through January.


SCORE headquarters in Costa Rica is in a suburb of the capital city of San Jose, called Sabanilla.  The San Jose region is located in the middle of the country.  From San Jose, SCORE groups will be in a strategic location to minister in various locations throughout the country.