Medical Internship

Medical interns will serve in the same capacity as all other interns, but will have a priority of serving alongside our Medical Director and any medical teams that are participating with SCORE. This internship can be done solely for the experience of medical missions, or may be done in conjunction with any educational requirements. Medical interns will be under the direction of our on Field Intern Director, who will coordinate with our Medical Director for daily assignments.

For more information please complete our Intern Interest form.

Policies regarding International Internships

• 1st year interns may serve for a maximum of one month.
• Returning interns may stay for an extended length of time based on the needs of SCORE International.
• There is always a need for translators, so bi-lingual applicants may receive special preference.
• Interns must be high school graduates in order to be considered.

Must also be US citizens.


Each intern is responsible to raise support to cover expenses, salary (allowance) and/or fees required for educational credit. The cost for a SCORE Internship includes meals, lodging, transportation while on the field and any additional fees related to the ministry with SCORE.

Cost per person - International

The cost does NOT include International airfare. Each intern will be responsible for getting their own airline tickets.

  • 1 Month - $1,795
  • 2 Months - $2,595
  • 3 Months - $3,525
  • 4 Months - $4,350
  • 5 Months - $5,225
  • 6 Months - $6,075
  • 9 Months - $8,470
  • 10 Months - $9,555
  • 11 Months - $10,441
  • 12 Months - $11,255
  • 13+ Months - Call SCORE International for pricing

Cost per person - Domestic
•   Total $400 week