Chris Stephen

Director of Missional Engagement & Marketing

Dr. Chris Stephen, who lives in Tampa, Florida, is a distinguished and passionate leader with an illustrious background in education and ministry. Dr. Stephen holds a Doctoral degree in Ministry from Southeastern University, specializing in developing a methodology of Sabbath habits for Generation Z to reduce the anxiety, worry, and depression they experience. He also earned his Master of Theology degree from Southeastern University, emphasizing spiritual formative practices that assist Generation Z in becoming fully integrated disciples of Jesus. Furthermore, he possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of South Florida, where he began his ministry experience as an intern at Idlewild Baptist Church.

Chris’s life is deeply enriched by his loving family. His wife, Erin, and their three beautiful children, Ava, Kori, and Tucker, are his constant source of inspiration and joy. Their presence in his life fuels his pursuit of excellence, reflecting his deep-rooted commitment to his personal values.

With a career spanning over two decades, Chris has dedicated himself to serving the church in various pivotal roles, including worship leader, youth pastor, and campus ministry pastor. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication have allowed him to profoundly impact countless lives, fostering a robust and supportive community. Looking ahead, Chris remains committed to connecting people to Jesus as he continues to serve and inspire others.
Chris’s dedication to making a global impact is a testament to his character. Before his work with SCORE International, his transformative short-term mission trips to Guatemala, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Mexico broadened his understanding of diverse cultures. They reinforced his belief in the power of service. His experiences inspire others to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Chris enjoys playing golf, watching baseball, working out, reading, and writing in his spare time. These activities provide him with relaxation and joy and contribute to his professional life. Whether on the golf course or immersed in literary pursuits, he finds immense pleasure in building relationships and making a positive difference.