Bedingfield, Caleb & Hanna

Our Life Story

We were both born into homes that loved the Lord. Caleb received Christ by his grace in 2009. It was the confrontation of the gospel and the recognition of his own depravity that led him to full dependence in Christ. After receiving Christ, Caleb attended the GAP program in Costa Rica and began to learn of the mission of the church and that salvation is not an event but a process (that should be shared in community).
Hanna came to know Christ as her Savior in the fall of 2014 while studying Psychology at Wheaton College. It was the recognition of her sin and need of redemption that brought her into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. After receiving Christ, Hanna became passionate about serving the Lord and sought to be in full-time ministry. She has served on many short term mission trips and is looking forward to learning more about the body of Christ, life on mission, and how to live out the Gospel in every facet of life.

Recently, we have been pursuing a more full understanding of the magnitude of God’s grace and love and that it should compel us to serve, love, and build relationships with those around us. We see the gospel advancing in our own neighborhoods when Christians are passionate about living on mission in the everyday stuff of life. We are excited and expectant for what God is going to do in and through the lives of the GAP students.

Our Hope for GAP

That as we have received Christ, we would also walk in him. That the gospel would never grow old, but that we would, by proclamation and participation, grow into full maturity of our redemption. I desire that our missional living would penetrate Juan Dolio culture (and beyond) and testify to all that God is for us through Christ. And more than anything, that God would be glorified by all manner of lives changed through the gospel and that we would imitate Christ and love our community well.