Bailey, Trey & Terri

SCORE Director of Ministries




Trey and Terri both grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. Trey has an undergrad degree from Marshall University and earned his masters’ degree at Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Terri has an undergrad degree from West Virginia State University in Charleston, West Virginia, and a graduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Their sending church is Lewis Memorial Baptist Church of Huntington, where Dr. David Lemming is the senior pastor. They have two sons, Evan and Carson.

Trey and Terri have been missionaries with SCORE since March 2001. After both being exposed to missions during their teenage years, they went on short-term trips with SCORE while in college. During those trips, God impressed upon their hearts the need for more Christians to take a stand and do more for Him in the field of missions. Trey and Terri have an intense burden to expose more people to this need for missions. Their vision is specifically to expose youth to the foreign mission field and let God impact their hearts and lives to become more involved.

Trey currently serves as the Director of Ministries. He works in the home office of SCORE where he helps groups and leaders to plan and organize their trips. The Baileys also travel to many conferences and seminars across the USA to represent SCORE.