Neal, Matt & Lori
Neal, Matt & Lori

Matt and Lori both grew up in Chattanooga, TN, where they both had the privilege to grow up in strong Christian homes. Matt attended Tennessee Temple while Lori attended Berean Academy until college when she also attended Tennessee Temple University, and followed with a Masters degree in counseling from Liberty University. Matt accepted Christ as a 19 year old college student and Lori when she was 13 at a youth camp. They have three sons, Luke, Jake, and Drew who are their main priority and mission field.

Matt and Lori previously had the opportunity to attend SCORE short-term trips (Lori 2 and Matt 1) and have always watched SCORE “from a distance” from their teen years on. They also know some of the “old school” impact of SCORE as they both attended SCORE’s basketball camps numerous years in middle and high school.

Matt and Lori were previously on staff as missionaries with FamilyLife, a division of CRU, where they served 9 years in all, both as volunteers and supported staff. Due to recent changes in their lives, they realized after much prayer that the Lord was directing their path to come on staff with SCORE. They share an intense passion for exposing others to missions and discipleship. Their desire is to mobilize more laborers and give everyone the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Matt will be working at our home office in Chattanooga, TN. He will be recruiting for short-term trips as he trains for new duties and as they raise the remainder of their support needed. Matt and Lori also have an intense passion for marriages done God’s way, so they will be starting a new venture for SCORE involving marriage retreats, overseas and in the states, for missionaries and the people they minister to. This is in the infant stages of development, but more information is available if you contact SCORE or Matt and Lori directly.