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To view donations given toward your trip, visit and log into your trip account with the user name and password created when you submitted your application.

The donor login portal allows you to

  • view your giving history
  • update your contact information
  • make one-time donations.

You can, however, create a new recurring or one time donation without an account. To modify an existing recurring gift, you must call the home office at 423-894-7111. To create a new recurring donation, you can call the home office, or visit the Donate Page

*Note: After your first donation, you will receive an account number. Use this number to sign up for the donor login portal. This account number will appear on your receipt when you donate through the new system for the first time. If you have any questions about creating or accessing your donor login account or do not have your account number, please call the Home Office at 423-894-7111, or email To create an account, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Sign In link above
  2. Click Start here to the right of "Don't have an account?"
  3. Complete the form with your appropriate information
  4. Click Submit