Baseball Country

For those that are passionate about the game and pursue it with all their heart, there are things that can bind you up and keep the focus more on the results as oppose to the process. Things like expectations, adversity, family, relationships and pressure. All of these internal or external forces can cripple consistent results and prohibit you from reaching your maximum potential.

Here at Baseball Country our goal is to get players in an environment where the most important component of a player can be addressed, the heart. Our staff is comprised of former players that are far too familiar with the game binding us up and prohibiting us from competing with complete freedom. However, we now understand what the root of these issues are and have a burden to share it with every player, from every level we come in contact with… The heart.


Baseball Country offers individual training from the little league leavel all the way to the big leagues. Our indoor facility is equipped with cages and top of the line training equipment. We also have two fields and more outdoor cages that are covered.


Baseball Country offers a wide range of discipleship opportunities for individuals and groups. Whether it’s one of our teams camps or a taylored missions trip geared for pro players, we can make sure all needs are met.


Baseball Country currently offers language classes for international players as well as workshops from handling finances to leadership. There will be guest speakers leading these workshops that will also be taylored to the groups being instructed.

Contact for more info about the programs and to sign up!