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Lily House needs you!

The question is often asked, “How can I help the Lily House?”

Sponsor a lady at Lily House for $119 a month
We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help the Lily House rescue exploited/at-risk women and their children. Pray about monthly support of the ministry helping in areas of education, STD treatments, and drug rehab. Pray about sponsoring a Lily Woman or a Lily Child. Pray about hosting a Lily Boutique at your church or home.

It cost $119 per month per person to run Lily House! The goal is to be able to support 14 women and 28 children each month. That would make the monthly budget $5,000. (This figure is based on one woman with two children, numbers vary) 

• Sponsor one woman a month—$119.00. Bible study groups, Sunday School Classes, and friends could commit to this as a group.

• Send one lady to vocational school.   The cost is $500.00 for one year.

Other ways to support Lily House

• Landscape Business Entrance—$500.00.  This would enable the storefronts to be more attractive and therefore produce more business for the shops that are run by Lily House ladies.

• Maintenance repairs—$300.00.  The cost to repaint and repair the facility.

• Prepare a shed for new business for silversmith jewelry—$3000.00.

• Support Erica Jude’s educational needs. Many of you who have visited the Lily House know Erica Jude.  Erica has a desire to further her education on line at Liberty University.  As you know on line education is expensive, but the education would equip her better to counsel and serve the ladies that come to Lily House.  This is also a need in this ministry.


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