Deuris R.

Deuris lives in a small house in La Loma.  His house has a concrete floor, tin roof and two small bedrooms.  His home has a latrine outside and they have to go to a nearby church for water.  Deuris lives with his mom, Diahana, and two brothers.  His mom has a high school degree and dreams of one day going to college.  She currently works in the recycling plant.  She is not a Christian.  Because Deuris was born 19 days after his due date, he had some health complications and continues to be sickly.  He often suffers from bronchitis and pneumonia and it is said that his lungs are not strong. Deuris is very well-behaved, calm and likes school.  He says that his favorite subjects are reading writing and studying.  He loves baseball, basketball, and the color blue.  In the future, Deuris wants to finish high school and teach math.

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